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Shipping & Returns Policy Disclaimer

There are several ways of receiving your order. Customers can pick up orders from the warehouse, we can deliver it on our Van, or we can ship it through UPS. Please let us know how you would like to receive your order. Returns must be called in and authorized before we can accept them. Used items will not be accepted unless marked by a representative for the product.

Privacy Notice

Be assured that any information obtained through this website will be used only by NRSC INC to process your orders. We will never give an outside entity access to your personal information.

Conditions of Use

This site may only be used by individuals who own a business and have all current licenses to run that business. Individuals may not purchase items from this website!

NRSC INC does only Business to Business sale of Tobacco & Tobacco Products/Accessories and is not open
for sale to individuals. Clients are entertained only post receipt of proper documentation as stipulated
by the authorities including Picture ID, Business License & Federal ID for resale.

Tobacco & Tobacco Related Products/Accessories can be bought only if you are above the legal age as stipulated by the FDA.
WARNING:Tobacco & Tobacco Related Products/Accessories CAN CAUSE MOUTH CANCER